Complimentary DISCOVERY Session

Happy Humans

My clients work hard to achieve results, enjoy making an impact and I love sharing their success stories. Here are a few...


I was dealing with my anxiety about an upcoming certification interview and questions about continuing my education for another degree. I knew I also needed to focus on self-care and my health.  Barbara helped me to prioritize my goals and create a list of steps to check off as I work through them. It helped me to see what was most important to me, and what I needed to do to prepare for each goal. Now I have completed, or am making very good progress on all the goals I listed as moderately to very important to me. I passed the certification, have applied for another degree program, and have set aside time each day to focus on self-care.  Now I’m looking forward to finishing this list of goals and working on the next set of challenges ahead of me.

– Elizabeth, Mary Washington Hospital


I worked with Barbara when I was conflicted about which way to turn in my business and couldn't make a decision. Barbara had great suggestions for me to try, confirmed some things I was thinking about but was afraid to commit to, and gave me some insight based on her extensive experience as a coach. I immediately began implementing some of her suggestions and feel very confident that I am on the right path and can trust my instincts. I highly recommend Barbara for anyone who wants to gain better clarity in their own life and isn't sure where to start.

– Laurie K.


Having someone to collaborate and throw ideas by has made such a difference in me moving forward and getting all my thoughts and ideas sorted out and even finished! If you are looking for that special person to team up with and take a look at your project with a new and fresh set of eyes, Barbara is the perfect person for that job!

– Angela S.

Emotional Intelligence

As an entrepreneur for the last 25 years, I remember the times of burnout as clearly as I recall the times of great success. I sure wish I had someone to help me manage the down times when it was filled with chaos and uncertainty. Often times we have no one we can go to who understands where we are, or who is willing to help and serve us without some form of their own agenda. I have known and worked with Barbara Gustavson for over 4 years. When I was launching the John Maxwell President’s Advisory Council and putting together a team of members who could serve me, Barbara was one of my very first picks. I chose her because she had insights and a level of emotional intelligence that I needed to lean on during the fast-paced growth times and when dealing with the challenges of a multicultural organization.

– Martinelli & Associates


I can't thank you enough for helping me get to this place.  You really helped me replace my anxiety and fear of change for what comes next.  I still go back and review notes and my vision board/page.  The vision page has helped me see that I have tremendous blessings and successes and that I have the ability to move forward.

– Sandra L. 


The wisdom and knowledge you imparted to me made all the difference and I am forever grateful!  We had 30+ in attendance and have received positive feedback and a request for another session later in the year. 

– Dove Development & Consulting


Thank you so much for conducting the workshop on “Finding Your Purpose” at our company retreat. The care and attention you gave to targeting your efforts to our group really came through and we all benefitted from this.

– Holt for Homes


Barbara helped me to gain focus on my goal of changing my Profession after owning my own business for 10 years. I was stuck on which direction to focus my attention on. Barbara helped me to create a priority “to do” list, and she empowered me to take those steps. Here we are 4 months later, I have a new position that I believe will be equally rewarding with less stress and weekends off. Thank you Barbara!

– Valerie B. 

My approach is simple.

I come along side of you on your journey.  I don't use a 'cookie cutter' program.  I customize one that works with you and your needs. Let's work together to identify your next step and discover the breakthrough you've been waiting for. 

- Barbara

Complimentary DISCOVERY Session