Would you like clarity on what matters and step into your purpose? 

If so, you're in the right place!


Would you like clarity on what matters and step in to your purpose? 

If so, you're in the right place!


Are you an influencer, helper or leader? 

Do you want to serve your community without sacrificing your health and well-being?

Do you sometimes feel there are ideas inside you waiting to get out? 

Are you open to taking bold steps, but don't know what they look like yet?

If that's you, we can help.

Taking bold steps allows you to break free and live a life driven by purpose and love.

Boldness isn’t always giant leaps, it’s also small, intentional steps that guide you to your true calling with the people you lead and support.


Clarify purpose, vision and goals specific to your needs. Through a process of assessment, resetting, collaboration and accountability, I help leaders to create a customized plan to implement in their busy life. *

Coaching / Consulting

Success strategies for those wanting to deepen results and implement their ideas while living in balance. Explore new areas to understand key opportunities and needs. *


Faciliation, keynote speaking, or media on the following topics:

• Turn Fear into Fun
 Beat the Burnout Blues
 Own Your Confidence 
 Develop Team Resilience
 Reboot Your Brain and Business

* In addition to one-on-one or group experiences, VIP retreats are available to take you and your team to an even deeper level of growth. These retreats are customized to meet your needs and can be accomplished face-to-face or virtually.

The Flywheel To Your Clarity

The approach is simple. The one that works with you and your needs are customized for optimal result. Discover the breakthrough you've been waiting for.


Hi, I’m Barbara

Born and raised in Virginia, I am a wife, mom and nature nut.  I've always enjoyed 'people watching' and listening to their stories, ideas and dreams for their life.

Yet I found myself stuck in my own story and had little direction on where I wanted to go. 

Through the care then loss of my mom, I decided I wanted to make my life count and made it a quest to pursue something more meaningful.

I now guide others to step out, get their bold ideas out there and make a deeper impact with those they serve. 

You too can step boldly and have the results, joy and purpose that are waiting for you!



"Having someone to collaborate and throw ideas by has made such a difference in me moving forward and getting all my thoughts and ideas sorted out and even finished! If you are looking for that special person to team up with and take a look at your project with a new and fresh set of eyes, Barbara is the perfect person for that job!"

– Angela S.

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Stop putting off your dreams, take lead of your life, and make the impact you want.


“Quit letting who you were talk you out of who you're becoming."

- Bob Goff

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"Barbara is an exceptional coach! Her compassionate curiosity and focused questions allowed me the space to process big decisions. Her ability to probe and guide me as I took risks and made changes was like walking with a trusted friend. I am forever grateful!"  

– Carey Sims, Created Space