Complimentary DISCOVERY Session

Barbara Gustavson is Founder of Discover Next Step, a company that helps individuals and teams unlock their potential and create greater impact on those they serve.

Utilizing leadership, emotional intelligence and brain health techniques, Barbara collaborates and coaches leaders, health/wellness professionals, coaches, families, educators and businesses in her programs and workshops. She guides them to identify their opportunities, uncover hidden obstacles and create a customized Road Map to implement into their practice, personal life and community.

Foundational Values of Discover Next Step:

  • Believe In the Potential of Others
  • Enjoy the Journey Now (Not Someday)
  • Share Strengths Freely
  • Be Kind to All Including You
  • Be Bold Even If Afraid
  • Create Inner Peace
  • See Value in Everyone
  • Build a Strong Support System
  • Create Healthy Boundaries
Complimentary DISCOVERY Session

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Complimentary DISCOVERY Session