Give Yourself Permission To Let Go

hope letting go permission Aug 02, 2020

Sometimes we cling onto the 'old' in hopes we can go back. We think this will help us move forward, but what if in order to move forward we need to let go?

Let go of our old selves so we can embrace new strengths and step into who we're meant to become.

Let go of the old ways of doing things so we can move into creativity and innovation.

Let go of old and unhelpful thoughts so we can build new and stronger beliefs.

Letting go is often difficult, it's sometimes like a scary 'free fall' from what we call 'safe' and predictable.

Thankfully letting go doesn't mean we have to do it all at once, we can choose to loosen our grip a little more each day.

Often we won't experience the benefits until after we've practiced and have done it for a while. If we stick with it long enough, we'll start noticing the impact and the eventual freedom it brings.

Give yourself permission to let go a little more today and be open to the new, even if it feels uncomfortable.

And give yourself grace as it is...

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